St John

Lutheran Church & School

For in Him we live, move, and have our being.

Acts of the Apostles 17:28a.


Box Tops/Labels

Save box tops from Big G (General Mills) cereals and other participating brands, Cambell's labels, and Our Family proofs of purchase (UPC symbols). These can be brought to the monthly suppers or to the school. Much of our playground equipment has been purchased through these programs.

Monthly Suppers

Attend our monthly school suppers at St. John Lutheran Church. These suppers are served on the third Thursday each month during the school year. Your generous free-will offering does much to support our school.


Tuition Aid

Provide tuition aid for individual students who may need financial help, or simply give to the tuition aid or scholarship fund. The school board will give out funds to those who qualify.

General Fund

Contribute to the general fund (operating costs) of the school. The cost of utilities, insurance, etc. continually rises. Donations to this fund help keep down tuition prices and help the school to maintain and improve its buildings, playground, and so forth.